Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order?

This is simple, all you need to do is download our app from the Apple or Android stores, or visit our website and fill your number to get a download link.

After downloading the app and selecting which items you want to clean, you will need to set a location and a pick up time.

Our driver will arrive to your doorstep with two bags, one for wash and fold and another for EcoClean (the alternative to dry-clean). Our driver will then take your clothes and deliver them back to you within 48 hours and in mint condition.

Should I sort my items before the driver arrives?

It is very simple, open your app and set your pick-up location, there you can see whether your area is covered or not. You can let us know where you want our service to be available by sending us an email to support@washywash.com

How do I know if WashyWash covers my area?

Please contact us at:+962799444733 or send us an email at support@washywash.com, and our customer care agent will inform you whether it is possible or not to deliver to your location.

Can I order if I’m outside the coverage area

Please contact us @+962799444733, and our customer care agent will inform you if it is possible or not. The good news is that we are expanding in a rapid rate, please go the app and if you are outside our coverage area, notify us about it, with the (I’m here button) which notifies us about areas that we need to expand into in the future.

I do not want to select items, I just want the driver to come pickup my laundry.

This is easy, just open the app and tap on the “skip item selection” button at the bottom of the screen, this will skip item selection and enable you to set your location directly so that our driver could come and pick up your laundry. No questions asked!

I don't know know how my items should be cleaned.

Do not worry, our washing experts will have a look at the garment’s label and follow the exact instructions before cleaning anything. If the label is missing, then we will inform you via a phone call or email and follow your instruction with no liability on the company, or return the item without cleaning.

When will I get my garments back?

Unless one of the items requires an overnight hang to dry, our driver will pick up your laundry, and will return it within 48 hours. If your order will require more than 48 hours to be cleaned, you will be notified via push notifications, SMS and/or email about the new delivery time.

What should I do with all these hangers?

Fortunately, WashyWash is an eco-friendly company, you can give us the hangers, we will clean them and then reuse them again.

I do not have laundry bags, how should I give you my laundry?

Don’t worry, we will provide you with two bags for you to put your laundry in. You also get to keep them!

I’m having problems with my login, please help.

Please give us a call at +962799444733  or send us an email at support@washywash.com and we'll do our best to resolve this issue in under 48 hours.

What are my payment options?

You can pay cash on delivery

You can also pay with a credit/debit card

You can check out all payment options from the “Payment Options” tab in the side menu if you’re using the app, or from “My Account” on the website once you log in.

Will I get a receipt for my order

You surely will! Just visit your orders page in your account. There you will find all your previous orders with all the receipts listed in one place.

I’m having trouble placing an order, please help!

If you are having problems placing an order via our website or app, just call our customer care number at +962799444733 or send an email to support@washywash.com and someone will surely help you with your order.

I missed my pickup slot, what should I do?

No problem, sometimes it happens. Simply request a new pick-up time/date by calling +962799444733 or send an email to support@washywash.com

Is there a minimum order?

We do not have a minimum order value, but if your order is under  10 JDs there will be a delivery charge of 2 JDs. Orders at 10 JDs or above get free pick-up and delivery.

Can you remove any type of stain?

Sadly, not all stains can be removed, even with our technology. We sometimes face an option of maybe damaging the item, or returning it with a stain that we couldn’t remove after several tries.

We promise to give it our best, and if we can’t remove a certain stain, we will return the item and surely explain why we couldn’t clean it.

Can EcoClean clean everything?

Although EcoClean is a revolutionary cleaning technology, there are somethings that Eco-friendly detergents have difficulty cleaning. Certain oils for example, require certain solvents to remove them effectively, and although we use EcoClean on almost everything, sometimes we face a situation where we have to use other solvents to clean certain stains, when this happens, we call the customer and inform them, getting their approval before proceeding.

What is EcoClean?

It is better to visit our detailed page about our EcoClean technology www.washywash.com/ecoclean

You have returned one of my items without cleaning it. Why is that?

Some items or fabrics are very difficult/delicate to clean, and we face the option of possibly damaging the item; therefore, we decide to return it without cleaning to avoid any possible damage.

Some items are received without a fabric care label, and without a label we cannot guess what type of material the garment is made of. Since we use sophisticated technology, it is imperative that we know what the garment is made of, so that we can customize the cleaning process, otherwise we might end up damaging the item.

Are there any garments you cannot clean with EcoClean?

We cannot clean fur items at the moment.

However we can clean the following items but we practice caution when we do:

    a. Leather

    b. Cashmere

    c. Suede

    d. Linen

    e. Lace fabrics

    f. Silk garments

    g. Delicate fabrics

Can I give specific instruction on how I want my items to be cleaned?

You surely can! Simply specify what instructions you would like us to follow in the “notes and cleaning instructions” area as you are processing your order via the app or website.

What is the difference between dry-clean and EcoClean?

If you would like to know more about our EcoClean technology, visit our website www.washywash.com

What does toxin-free laundry mean?

This means that our detergents are completely toxin free, biodegradable and safe, this is a claim that we are proud of.

Traditional dry-clean systems mostly use a chemical called PERC (perchloroethylene also known as tetrachloroethylene) and toxicology reports raise concerns that this chemical is harmful to people who are exposed to it. Please visit our references page on our website. Here is a link: www.washywash.com/the-green-mission

How much do you charge for cleaning items?

Check out our full price list here: www.washywash.com/price-list

What if you ruin or damage my items?

It is very unlikely that this occurs, but if it happens we will reimburse you according to our terms and conditions which you can check here: www.washywash.com/terms-and-conditions

What makes the detergents that WashyWash uses so special?

Our detergents are biodegradable.

Our detergents meet the requirements for the "Blauer Engel" (Blue Angel) environmental award.

Our detergents do not emit volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere.

Our detergents do not pollute, air, water or soil.

As a result, we have a healthy working climate in the cleaning facility, as no solvents are used. That is why we provide the most environmentally friendly and health-caring option for textile care globally.

Do you have any special packing for travel?

We do! Simply write down which items you need packed for traveling in the “notes and cleaning instructions” area before completing your order.

Can I edit or cancel my order, pickup time or location?

Yes, you can by calling us at +962799444733 or by sending us an email at support@washywash.com at any time before we start the cleaning process.

You can cancel your order with no extra charge at least two hours before your pickup time.

You can also edit your location by calling us at +962799444733 or by sending us an email at support@washywash.com at least two hours before your pick-up slot.

Can I place two orders?

Yes you can. All you need to do is add items to your basket and set a location and time.

How do I know when my driver will arrive?

We will notify you via an SMS that the driver is on his way to your location. You will also receive a phone call confirming your address once the driver is on the way, you will also receive an in app notification.

I received an SMS requesting an early pick-up, what should i do?

Sometimes when our driver is near your location, we will send you an early pick-up request, via SMS. You can either reply with “yes” or just ignore it. If you reply with yes, our driver will come at an earlier time. If you respond with no or ignore the SMS, then we will maintain the already approved delivery time.

How much do you charge for pick-up and delivery?

If your order is above 10 JDs, then the pick-up and delivery are for FREE, if your order is under the 10 JD value then we will add 2 JDs on your bill.

Our driver might call you requesting an earlier pick up time it is up to you to accept or decline.

I accidentally gave the wrong item, can you return it?

Definitely! However, if it has already been cleaned, then we will charge the regular cleaning fee.

If the item hasn’t been cleaned yet, then we will return it with the rest of your order, just call us at +962799444733 or by send us an email at support@washywash.com.

Can I change my delivery or pick-up address?

Yes. This can be simply done by calling us at +962799444733 or by sending us an email at support@washywash.com at least two hours before pick up time.

Can I tip the driver?

Our drivers get rewards from positive feedback and rating, so if you leave a positive review in the app store, or in the WashyWash app or on our website, we will track your order and give that driver a nice tip on your behalf. If you feel extra generous feel free to tip as well.

Help! I forgot my password

Do not worry. Just click on the “Forgot Password” link in the login page and follow the simple instructions.

How do I redeem a voucher?

If you’re ordering using the app, enter the voucher code after choosing your collection and delivery time slots.

You can always contact us at +962799444733 or by sending us an email at  support@washywash.com