EcoClean is our toxin-free and environmentally-friendly dry cleaning solution, we avoid using traditional Perchloroethylene (PERC) solvents, which are the most commonly used for dry cleaning around the world, it is a reproductive toxicant, neurotoxicant, potential human carcinogen, and a persistent environmental pollutant.

With these biodegradable detergents, in combination with top-class water and energy efficiency, our EcoClean is a truly “greener and cleaner” alternative.

Best stain removal
By refraining from the use of strong chemicals, some people assume that this will compromise the cleaning quality. This is not the case with EcoClean, our biodegradable detergents provide an excellent cleaning quality that surpasses dry-cleaning on most garments while remaining harmless to the environment.

We use the best stain removal materials available in the market today from Seitz, Germany
For our dry cleaning, we use exclusively German machinery from BOWE, and the dry clean solvent from Seitz to guarantee the best cleaning quality while preserving the fabric.
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We operate from Saturday till Thursday, Pickups/Delivery is available from 9:00 AM till 09:00 PM


Washywash is an eco-friendly, on-demand cleaning services app that provides professional cleaning services, It started as a simple concept; Give people the best possible cleaning quality with zero health risks, coupled with the best customer service and technology out there.

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